Camper Comments

“I’m a 74-year old senior citizen, living on a small social security check, I have no other income… If it weren’t for your contribution I would not be able to go to the country… It was a wonderful vacation for me, and it was great to be out of the hot city.”
-Selma C., 74, Brooklyn

“When I get to camp I am thrilled with the beautiful surroundings. I never get tired of the views. This is very relaxing and is the best cure to improve my health. It’s better than any medicine.”
-David F., 82, Brooklyn

“I have lived in the City most of my life and I am not a well person and not young anymore. So to get out of the City is something I look forward to very summer.”
-Elizabeth B., 73, Bronx

“Being handicapped, this camping trip means everything to me. I enjoy the country setting, meeting new people, and participating in the activities.”
-Julia V., 72, Queens

“Camp provided me with a much-needed break from my personal and financial difficulties. The peaceful week in the country restored my health so that I felt good upon returning to battle my city problems.”
-Joann R., 64, Manhattan

“I was very happy to be at camp. It was a wonderful and uplifting spiritual experience for me.”
-Hazel B., 74, Brooklyn

“I felt very glad to be among others. It helped me feel less nervous and I was more calm and relaxed when I came home. My health also improved.”
-Anna G., 81, Bronx

“I found the whole camp experience most enjoyable. It was a perfect place for relaxation and socializing. I have gone for the past three years and have only positive things to say about my experience.”
-Mikhail R., 70, Queens

“There are no words to explain how much it means to me to get away from the city at least once a year. It gives me the chance to see all the friends I’ve met up there in the past and also make new ones. I fractured my spine and have 2 steel rods implanted in my back, so I am in a lot of pain most of the time. When I visit camp, it’s like a miracle cure for me; the combination of fresh, air, sunshine, the serene atmosphere and the overall sense of peace and well being. I come back refreshed, revived, pain-free and all ready for the winter. Then I start counting the months until I can go to camp once again. If it were not for your program I would never know what a ‘vacation’ was like.”
-Carmen M., 65, Manhattan

“I have attended camp several times and really enjoy spending time with old friends and meeting new people. This is very important to me because I live alone and have no family anywhere.”
-Irina D., 76, Manhattan

“For me it meant a rest of the mind, getting away from the noise in the City and to enjoy the country. It was a heavenly experience.”
-Mamie P., 68, Manhattan

“It was a very positive and enjoyable experience for me. I had been very depressed and have had a loss in income and this week away helped me to be distracted with enjoyable activities. I would have not been able to have a vacation otherwise. It made a world of difference to me both physically and mentally.”
-Wilfredo V., 80, Queens

“I do much better after camp. I feel much stronger and rested.”
-Alma W., 72, Manhattan

“This was my first time ever having a vacation where I was alone, had no one to take care of, and could actually enjoy myself in a beautiful setting surrounded by Mother Nature.”
-Deborah M., 62, Manhattan

I live alone and am so happy to be among others.  I have happy memories of camp and it has meant the world to me.
-Bernice R., 72, Queens

It was nice to renew friendships and to get away from the City for a week.  It was so quiet and peaceful that the time just sailed by.
-Kenneth W., 64, Manhattan

It means a great deal for my wife and I to go to camp.  We live in a four-story walk-up building and are both disabled.  Camp has improved our well-being and has lengthened our lives.
-David F., 82, Brooklyn

“Camp was interesting and very enjoyable. I appreciated the well-needed rest… I enjoyed sharing time with other people in my age group, as well as those from other ethnicities.”
-Julia O., 69 Manhattan

“This camp helps me to stay active and keeps me going in spite of the illness and aging.”
-George R., 91, Bronx

“Camp renewed my energy and helped me deal with my problems in coping with aging.”
-Ann S., 83, Manhattan

“I had not attended camp before. The experience I had made me feel great, like a new person.”
-Bernice R., 72, St. Albans, Queens